Monday, November 09, 2009

Perhaps some intrepid reporter could find the wherewithall to look at the history of these pubs and find out what proportion have been owned by pubcos in the past and whether there's been any churn going on - or if they are mostly pubs that have always been free of tie. Might throw a little objective light onto the background failure.

My area, Camberwell London SE5 currently has five closed pubs - all owned by pubcos without brewing interests. 2 Admiral 1 S&NPE 1 Punch and 1 Enterprise. 2 of these will be re-let soon.

Of tied pubs trading there there remains 1 S&NPE 2 Enterprise 1 Punch 1 Youngs. ALL save the Youngs pub, who opened last Thursday, say they are struggling to keep afloat, all are BUSY pubs. Of the tied pubs trading 1 has had 4 lessees in as many years. 1 has had 6 lessees in 10 years.

There also is 1 free of tie lease and 1 freehold.

This doesn't look like a reflection of a healthy market being supported by the munificent pubcos.

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