Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Here's another corker from the Enterprise academy of Canute thinking:

Enterprise said it still considered the findings of the Business and Enterprise Committee “ill-informed” and “based upon hearsay rather than evidence”.

Since it's well known that Ted Tuppen's considered opinion is that MPs who sign Early Day Motions asking for the government to look into relations between tenants and their pubco landlords are "MORONS" it tallies that Enterprise think: The BEC inquiries excoriating criticism of pubco behaviour was "ILL INFORMED" and "BASED UPON HEARSAY RATHER THAN EVIDENCE"... Ahem, rather than a well researched, balanced and full view of the industry as it stands.

The Tuppen and Townsend roadshow knows no bounds. Such monumental arrogance is simply breathtaking and difficult to imagine coming ahywhere outside the mouths of a prep school trained duo. Shields of Valour and Swords of Truth held before them, the rolling fields of England give way to their nobility, the people bow to their superiority.

Further mirth from the terrible twosome:

It said it had made “good progress” on its 13-point plan for improving relations with its tenants and had co-operated “fully” with the Office of Fair Trading investigation, following the Campaign for Real Ale’s super-complaint.

It looks rather like enterprise and its thirteen points is a jumping the gun a bit here. The Supercomplaint has not been published. It is now in consultation with OFT. The report back isn't due until early November. But Enterprise have already co-operated fully huh? Like they do with their tenants? HUH?

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