Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Enterprise: rate of pub failures slowing

Karl Neville - good point but your math isn't that of pubco beancounters which would establish the closed pubs in your immediate area to be a portion of one picopub rather than four real pubs. One picopub is a variable number equivalent to whatever the beancounters at the top percieve they can get away with in trading statements.

Some astute followers of the nano numbers picopub game might remember GMB releasing figures that indicated around about 2/3rds of a significantly huge pubco estate had 'churned' in, I think it was, two and a half years. At about the same time a spokesperson (you know who you are) for the pubco said the amount of business failures in the estate was 'negligble' in a press release. Then, to back 'negligible' up when a member of the press called to verify EXACTLY how many had gone down the Swanee in the past year, the answer was: 'twelve'.

On the picopub beancounter's abacus 'twelve' is roughly equivalent to 'six thousand three hundred' in yours or my language of foot on the ground math. So, on the tried and tested picopub scale NINETY represents a terrifying number of closed, failed, churned and in crisis soon to be ex drinking establishments.

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