Thursday, October 01, 2009

Pubco chiefs: we didn't do enough after TISC

"We didn't do enough after TISC".

HILARIOUS. It is OFFENSIVE to suggest that publicans The pubcos have in their wake a trail of failed businesses, shattered lives and shut pubs up and down the country while their employees have swanned around the golf ranges and rolling hospitality of the corporate gravy train for two decades back slapping their way to plc stardom. TISC recognised the damage being done to the sector and the pubcos simply chose to step up the ante because they knew they could get away with it. And now this utterly unsatisfactory assessment of the lie of the land.

Other contributors have said what needs to be said but I want to add that not so long ago, before I got involved in the tied pub sector - back when I ran independent restaurants and bars for other people, and had a life even though I worked sixty hour weeks, - I would never have believed that an entire section of the catering trade - of any trade - could be utterly wrecked by a few people who are in complete denial of the damage their companies' activities do to the sector in the name of shareholder value.

Now, having spent fifteen years in this mire, and having heard nothing much more than empty rhetoric from any employee of any pubco no matter what level of seniority, absolutely nothing surprises anymore the tied pub trade except the odd occasion when someone lets it out they know it's not working.

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