Sunday, August 23, 2009

PM to 'Steve Norton'

Chris. As recommended by MFB here's a private message so as not to clog up the mainstream of your diversions on the forum. You are a fool. You are incredibly rude, immature and deeply offensive in the way you treat other people here. You have no support from others because of the weird position you chose to take over this whole episode. And, yes, it has occurred to me that you are MFB - how would I, or anyone else, know otherwise? YOU certainly cannot be trusted - at any level - because you are evidently, by example of your many identities, incapable of honesty.

You just do not get it do you? IF you could sustain a reasoned debate on air on the forum instead of popping clogs over your imagined injustices and becoming totally abusive you'd never have been banned in the first place and relegated to your minimal position of having to be a skulking troll with no home to go to.

IF I knew how to track you down I'd consider suing you for libel but, fortunately, unlike you it seems, I do have a life to be constructive with and have far better things to occupy my time over.

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