Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thank God for Fair Pint

Ahem. Errr David, perchance Oz was referring to Graham NORTON not Graham Allman?

Personally I have a lot of time for Graham Allman (and even Graham Norton if it comes to it but for different reasons) because he's a great ambassador for the pub trade in general. We don't see eye to eye over a lot of things but have plenty of respect for each other's point of view as I'm sure is the case with many people who post here whose views don't align in every aspect.

Your concern about attempts to regulate this trade having all gone disastrously wrong is of course very pertinent. No one wants any repetition of past mistakes. The difference this time over any previous occasion is that discussions about the trade are better informed and more insightful than ever before because for the first time ever tenants have a voice at the negotiating table.

And that, quite simply, irrespective of some wildly inaccurate, and certainly libellous if it were not always anonymous, sniping from the sidelines, is because of Fair Pint.

Thanks due to Keith Marsden for pointing it out.

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