Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tuppen: ‘We’d pay £100k to new body’

Tuppen: ‘We’d pay £100k to new body’

Some interesting information on 'Company Unions' which is the only kind of body that can come out of Enterprise's offer.

This type of corporately sponsored 'representative body' is widely discredited internationally and was even outlawed in the US between the World Wars. Historically company funded associations have been offered up by big bosses typically at times of severe strife and strike as evidence to workers that the company takes their views seriously and wants to co-operate with the workforce. Without exception the offer of a company funded 'autonomous' workers' representative body is made on condition that there must be no interference from outside influences such as traditional unions or independent workers' guilds. This is to keep the waters unmuddied by partisan interests (not that the company has partisan interests!).

When workers accept the bosses' offer as a potentially constructive route to reconciliation a wave of workers' unrest immediately dissipates as they engage in discussion. The process inevitably breaks down further along by which time the company has manoeuvred itself into a stronger position from which it can pick off troublemakers and recruit a less awkward workforce under new contractual terms. Sound Familiar?

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