Sunday, July 05, 2009

"Crystal, don't be taken in." A good opening for a country & western whine.

Flirty Roberts: YOU haven't proven anything about embezzlement, or anything else, because there is nothing to prove; YOU just imagined it. Much of stuff you write sounds like it's coming from Alice and Wonderland, you really are totally out of touch with reality aren't you?

You consistently misinterpret your own inadequacies and motivations as being those of other people and project onto them your jealousies and paranoias. It's unreal but quite clearly of clinically serious proportions.

My 'admission', as YOU put it, of being prescribed the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor citalopram 20mg is barely a shocking revelation. Many thousands of people are prescribed such medication, the normal clinical dose of which lies between 5mg and 40mg. I posted the fact of my having been prescribed this to illustrate what I assumed to be a common series of symptoms of being a tied publican. And I was pointing out that the treatment worked for me - brought me out of complete despair - and might be worth others considering if they felt totally overwhelmed by their circumstances as well.

The thread at the time was around a man who had a pub in Pontefract who was posting desperately pleading for help on this forum saying his life was falling apart and he was having suicidal urges. Well, strange though you might find it to believe, I empathised because I have been in the same situation before. It is terrifying and grim. I also hoped that being open about my own experience might encourage others who felt so bad that they could not see the next day in front of them, to take the plunge, go tho their GP and explain how they feel - to seek help and help themselves get out of their isolation and despair. You chose to take encouragement and support of this man as a sign of mental weakness on my part and then began to accuse me publicly of being mentally unhinged and of having an uncontrollable cocaine habit. Another thing there is no evidence for because it doesn't happen.

Fact is you know nothing about me and just spout out fabricated lies. Why you do this I can't imagine but it certainly doesn't make me furious. Nothing really makes me furious Chris, other than the fact that pubcos get away with impunity for their serially abusing good hard working people.

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