Sunday, July 05, 2009


Hello crystals... Welcome tho the vibrant Morning Advertiser Forum. You will get lots of advice and support through the people who use this site.

At weekends though, Morning Advertiser staff are not at work and Chris Roberts - the 'being' registers under a new name and posts the sort of stuff you comment on. It's a hobby of his, presumably because he has nothign better to do. The thread will be removed on Monday by Ewan Turney, the site administrator.

It's difficult to explain why many of us react sensitively to Roberts' juvenilely offensive outpourings. There is a lot of passion and emotion around - perhaps many of us are sensitised by the treatment we have experiencd at the hands of our pubco 'partners' whatever; you clearly empathise from your own pubco experience. Bear with the forum. It has offered a lot of support to many - and check Private Messages which can be a very useful meduium for disseminating more specific advice and help. And also, feel free to PM posters whose experience may align with your own, you will find that most people here are generous in sharing the benefit of their experience with others in the same situation.

If anyone feels the need to get in touch with the enlightened visionary 'mr carpe nudiustertius' just send him a provate message via this forum - as he says above he gets lots of emails from people asking his advice and insight and what he really knows about my own drug taking habits and dishonest, embezzling nature. He also frequently acts as a McKenzie friend and appears in court alongside lessees who are being fleecced by their pubco but can't afford legal advice.

Just HOW people get in touch with him, considering that he always posts anonymously, is beyond me. Perhaps he sends out personal, offensive direct 'private emails' to other people as he does to me and other Fair Pint members - just so people know his 'real' email address.

It's raining today, in our lovely English summer tradition.

Below is Response to carpe jugulum on same thread.

Hello saturday night blubber, as you brought up matters Latin and felidae casting yourself as a big cat we might as well call you 'the cowardly lion' - it's more apt than all the other anonymous inventions youve come up with, particularly as you live in the land of Oz and don't have the wit or backbone to let others know who you are while very liberally slinging your grotesque juvenile slurs and accusations at all and sundry.

For your little satisfaction, mr nobody coward I've not deleted or reported your posts for months. Once, I did, on one thread, a long time ago, where you were being particularly offensive toward someone else. Then I saw that people reading your disgusting rants and offensive remarks would do more to discredit you than having them removed.

You never fail to live up to expectations. Old habits die hard.

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