Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Punch seeing 90 pub applications a week

Well done Kevin for putting your head above the parapet.

@D Smith - No I did not buy Lucy a drink - but that is because of course if I had known who Lucy is I would.

@'Lucy Cavendish' So Lucy, having been to 'my' pub, in which I have invested well over a quarter of a million pounds, £250K I will NOT see coming back to me ever - are you prepared to tell the other people who carp on about how lessees like me spend too much time on the forums instead of running our businesses? - are you prepared to tell them just what a good pub my place is? We're by no means perfect but The Sun and Doves is busy, it's award winning, it's got a huge loyal customer base, it's not making me or my business partner a living.

THAT is all MY hard work and all my money and that is why I got involved in setting up Fair Pint - because what is going on in this industry is WRONG.

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