Monday, July 27, 2009

"No conflict" for new FLVA boss

No matter what angle it's looked at from the sheer clumsiness of this announcement is gobsmacking beyond description. It was difficult enough to grasp the utter ignominy of it and how those concerned could not see how wrong and plain stupid this is when the article was headed 'Enterprise man gets FLVA job'. But like everything else in our nimble, thrusting, fit for 21st century purpose pub industry, just around the corner there's the man from Enterprise, obviously following his supreme leader's example, and stuffing both massive feet in his mouth with: 'I don't see a conflict in my past. My past is my past and my future is with the FLVA'.

If the people involved with this announcement really cannot see how inappropriate this whole position is then it is hardly surprising the pub industry is falling apart.

Martin Caffrey, your statement is clear evidence that you are the wrong person for the job. And Tony Payne's supporting you his successor is a painfully clear indication of wrong thinking at FLVA and perhaps explains a lot of the reasons behind the waning influence of our trade's 'representative' organisations.

On the publican same subject:

The naivete and cluumsiness of this is simply breathtaking. FLVA has, in one short announcement, has tossed aaway whatever credibility it had left after decades on the wane and Caffrey has proven he is totally the wrong man for the job. Amazing.

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