Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Enterprise man gets FLVA job

@Rachael Barnes; Get a grip. Look to yourself for sanctimony, you're using a lot more of it than anyone else on this forum. But do be comfortable knowing that a few others come out with the same ignorant rubbish you're popping off at everyone else. First ask yourself WHY would ANYONE want to apply for the top job at FLVA?

Then consider this: It's a fair bet that NO ONE here would consider applying for any sort of FLVA job because no one here is a member of FLVA.

Then you should ask yourself, before your sanctimony rises to the fore, why no one would consider, for a second, being a member of FLVA let alone applying for the job of CEO?

It's not complicated dearie, it's because hardly anyone these days think FLVA has any position whatsoever that's worth resurrecting, strengthening bringing back from the dead.

THEN face up to reality. The fact that FLVA even considered, for a nanosecond, accepting an application from a senior pubco employee is breathtaking; but to allow that application to get onto interview pile ans then to final appointment is simply UNBELIEVABLE. No matter how you look at this or how you excuse it, this is a massive faux pas and loses FLVA ANY credibility FLVA still had left.

Look through the threads on this and the Publican over recent years, if you can be bothered to do ANY research, and you will see see many calls for a strong, independent body representative of individual licensees - whether tied or free of tie - and wonder why when FLVA and others purport to be just that.

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