Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Enterprise man gets FLVA job

@Rachael Barnes: You definitely do not know much about the tied pub business and do not appreciate that emotions run high here because people are treated absolutely apallingly by their landlords. Facist is not a particularly appropriate description of pubcos, it must be agreed, but clearly its use was not intended to offend anyone.

However (never start a sentence with however) the term 'Rachmanesque' is simply an accurate way to describe pubcos' behaviour. As for where we come from - we are on the planet that REALLY aknowledges what pubcos really DO to their tenants because they are doing it to US - we're not imagining the dreadful abuse we live with - which evidently is not the planet you are on. Either that or you simply are a denier and we all know what denial can lead to.

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