Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ex-JDW managers lift pubs’ fortunes

It's really good to hear of successes like this - where individuals who know what they are doing have got it right so quickly, are on top of their business from day one, having invested wisely in refurbishments knowing exactly what they need to get out of the sites in performance terms.

This is a great example of what Simon Townsend might call the 'low cost entry' enterprise generously offers entrepreneurs, who could not possiby afford a freeholde, to get ing the pub trade and make a good living for themselves. It is particularly engouraging that they are opening a Freehouse so soon after cutting their own business teeth on the leases. Having a viable escape route which doesn't involve bankruptcy always makes pubcos much more wary of applying too much pressure on lessees.

If Enterprise is still around in its current form in four years it will be interesting to see what they reckon the new FMT is and how much of the ex JDW managers' graft and personal investment they try to rentalise because of the fantastic opportunity Enterprise gave them by allowing them to sign leases.

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