Thursday, July 02, 2009

Tuppen: ‘We’d pay £100k to new body’

Guy it's been answered above already but your statement: "the ONLY way to success is partnership. Partners are not always equal, but they should promote the best for both rather than bitching about each other" is THE point and the reality belies the sentiment. Lessees contributing to this forum do not dissent from what you say directly - we all agree with the notion of 'partnerhsip'. Where we are now is EXACTLY where it's all gone wrong. There is NO partnership. Bitter experience informs us that this is no partnership, it's a one way street. Pubco takes all. You should know this by now; unless you have a privileged position where you are allowed to ply your trade without being told that you are crap at everything you do and that no one else in the BDMs patch is having a problem. Hence the rip off rent review and the pernicous beer pricing. Punished for doing well. Great business incentivisation model. It's so stupid it makes me want to puke. And Ted and Giles know all about it and you ought to be reviewing why you are, in essence, suppporting it.

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