Saturday, June 06, 2009

Punch Rent review process starting - any advice?

This might sound ridiculous but read your lease in detail. See if it has anything at all in it about Fair Maintainable Trade, future profit, Hypothetical Tenant, trading potential, Average COmpetent Operator - anything like that. These are the magical canards on which RICS and pubcos hang their upward spiralling rent expectations.

You might find that your lease has very simply laid out procedures for what happens at rent review - which bear no relation to the alchemical Ju Ju the suits employ to rip your shirt off your back before they walk all over you. You might just be able to insist that you stick to what's written in your contract instead of going down the mumbo jumbo route they want you to get into.

Try to find the Punch Retailer Charter... I think it's been taken off their website then check out the BBPA although their search tool comes up with: There are no results from your query. Please try again; for the following searches: rent review; ret; review; upward only; codes of practice; code; practice; beer; pub; axe the tax; mr pinty; hastings... actually I can't find a single thing the BBPA search facility throws up a result on.

Come to think of it that's just what the BBPA does for the tied pub industry isn't it? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except cost a lot of money to run.

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