Saturday, June 06, 2009

Pub groups meet to discuss BEC

Those chaps with pink shirts and cufflinks who don't run pubs can get some good advice about how to do their job better from Neelie Kroos, the European Commissioner responsible for Competition Policy. She's done a little video outlining what her job is here:

Neelie could probably give a few pointers about the etiquette of how to get on with members of the Competition Commission when they start asking questions about block exeption in 2010.

By the way. For ordinary down trodded readers of this forum, if you think there might be something slightly uncompetitive about the amount you pay for your tied supplies or the rent you pay for your dilapidated premises you can always write to Philip Lowe, who is the Director General of the Competition. You can write to him here:

Mr Lowe is from Leeds originally and, being a Yorkshire man, probably likes a drop of real ale from time to time and a bit of conversation about fairness in business. Tell him how it is but have a heart, he's going to be getting a lot of emails so keep it brief and accurate!

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