Sunday, June 07, 2009

EU prepared to alter beer tie

@4136: It is very SIMPLE REALLY. Current approaches to Europe are nothing to do with 'being blown out' by UK courts at all.

The beer industry has Block Exemption from EC laws which for very good commercial reasons make supply agreements - such as the beer tie - between businesses illegal.

Block exemption of the pub industry from EU law is going to be reviewed in 2010 as a matter of course. This time, as has NOT happened before, EU Authorities will be properly informed about the state of the tied pub industry and given unambiguous evidence of the considerable commercial disadvantages of tied leases.

When beer is smore expensive in Europe than it is here it is because:

1) People selling the beer are actually making a living profit by selling it.

2) Exchange rate makes many consumer goods seem expensive by comparison with the UK.

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