Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pubcos bite bullet on AWP tie

I never had AWPs at The Sun and Doves since signing my lease in 1995. Not part of the mix that makes the pub what it is.

During the 2005 rent review correspondence the S&NPE surveyor, telling me that if I did not accept their rent offer, and if it went to arbitration, he 'reserved the right', to include loss of income from AWP's because I did not have them in the pub, as if I am somehow depriving them of income which it is their divine right to receive, even though they, as with everything else, do NOTHING to earn or deserve it.

If that threat is not an abuse of power, what is?

He also said he had 'no doubt' that if it were not for the support of S&NPE my pub would have become a block of flats long ago.

It's been there since 1847. When I took it on it had a turnover of less than £60K a year. It has done more than ten times that ever since I opened it following spending £150K on refurbishment. The freeholder has not spent one penny on the pub in the last twenty years except in litigation against me.

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