Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Enterprise hosts lose pub in court battle

Because I, as a prefect, was elswhere and anyway why would I want to be in a tv report?

This haunting message just came in to my publicly available work email from someone who didn't bother to name themselves, as usual, from the address:

"I see, Dodds, that you're still making ill-informed accusations regarding my supposed activities on the Morning Advertiser forum.

I'll repeat, as you are incapable of accepting that not everyone is as great a liar as yourself: I do not have an account on there and when I briefly did some months ago, after you and the FairPint cadre whined so loudly that I was banned, I posted as SYLVIA (PUBTRADE). You clearly have some form of memory loss and your paranoia does the rest.

I'm also amused and not a little astounded that you are so quick to accuse me of account misdemeanours when you yourself have multiple accounts on the Morning Advertiser; I did laugh out loud at your effrontery in saying that your El Nino account was in fact that of your sons. Their command of English and detailed knowledge of the pub trade and their incredible similarity to your own posting style was most impressive; particularly as I clearly recollect you stating on the Morning Advertiser that your sons were 7 and 9 years of age. You gave this information as part of an astonishing five-post rambling rant which was later deleted. Unfortunately for you, my career requires me to have an excellent memory and aptitude for research so your attempt at deception failed abjectly.

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RE: Enterprise hosts lose pub in court battle

"I copy this post to Ewan Turney so that he is in the loop as regards your latest ramblings; he has access to IP addresses and would be fully aware if I were posting on the forum as Lucy Cavendish or the myriad other names you have accused me of using. I read the Lucy Cavendish/Jane Gardener posts with some interest as Jane at least had information I was intrigued to get hold of. It's my view they are one person and were employed by Enterprise Inns in the same capacity as Karl Harrison pays for Connect - to spin information on web fora to their advantage.

I'm sorry if you have such a chip on your shoulder about the UK class system that anyone who posts with grammatical accuracy and a degree of intelligence must inevitably be me in disguise but you are mistaken. To update you on how I spend my time, for almost two years I have acted as unwaged advisor/McKenzie Friend to various lessees subject to Brulines fines/eviction/bankruptcy and that is far more useful to the trade than the endless hot air from you and FairPint.

Given that FairPint have now existed for over a year, it's a very poor indictment that there is nothing real to show for the time - Corbett's vaunted court case which fizzled into nothing, the damp squib of the 'Save Inez Ward' campaign, Harrison's utter disinterest in funding anything but lobbying MPs who will not be in power for much longer. Not exactly an impressive list of achievements, is it? Even the BEC enquiry was not instigated by FairPint but was scheduled by the original TISC committee and my copies of the BEC proceedings show a significant absence of FairPint input. I find FairPint's habitual claiming credit for the work of others rather distasteful.

I don't possess an album full of photos of myself standing near various politicians; what I DO have is a clear conscience, a very busy schedule and some hard-won court successes against the pub companies on behalf of tenants they tried to penalise for buying out."

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J Mark Dodds 25/06/2009 00:14:14

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RE: Enterprise hosts lose pub in court battle

"I hope I have no reason to contact you again to correct your venomous and unfounded assertions. Any assertion I have made regarding FairPint IS founded; in the refusal to offer open and honest explanations of the FairPint share purchases and the accounts of the donation fund. My suspicions were aroused then and remain so and that is entirely your doing.

Do not refer to me again; your attention-seeking and general dishonesty palled long ago."


Where on earth do you get your kicks from?

BY THE WAY. THIS IS THE 'ALBUM' referred to above. A very inchoate collection of moments from Fair Pint's existence.

You just don't get it do you Sylvia/McKenzie friend, whoever you are do you?

Fair Pint, at base, is just a group of tied lessees who have had ENOUGH! - Just as have THOUSANDS of others. This industry is in a state of critical meltdown and you and the strangely similar pubco plants - who are not you, as you attest - cannot get it into your heads that some people really ARE NOT compromised and are motivated solely by a powerful, uniting desire to see fairness done in a market we welcome as being highly competitive. We want FREE TRADE and YOU, with your anonymous bitterness and self serving manner, are getting in the way.

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