Thursday, June 25, 2009

Buying-out fines taken back by host

Good old 'Simon Says' Townsend back again from a relative sabbatical of silence.

Self righteous 'Simon Says'... 'entirely justified' and It Will Be Done'.

Self righteous 'Simon Says' the tie is a fair contract and so are the fines and the £300 + vat per letter sent administration charges telling our lessees they have been stealing from us, even when we have no legally verifiable evidence to support our accusations.

'Simon Says' it's fine to 'fine' people by taking whatever money we think we deserve to take out of our 'customer's' rent accounts by direct debit. This taking of money without consent is not stealing; it's not actually 'fines' at all. No, it's compensation for loss of our rightful earnings. If we don;t take the money the lessees may stay in business, and that wouldn't do, they must be punished for signing a lease and trying to make a living.

Naughty, naughty, lessees stealing from uncle TeDDy Weddy and Dimple Dimon.

Anyone wonder if Brulines' data is calibrated on potential volume related to what future Fair Maintanable Trade should be according to expert pubco surveyors or on what actually gets pumped through the thousands

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