Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hamish Champ: Wanna go tie-free? Check out the Emerald Isle

Hamish, I'd NEVER claim to be more erudute or better informed than you - you get to meet far more elevated figures in the pub trade than I ever do and I think perhaps you have a very good point. But I also think it's nowhere near as scary a scenario as it has been painted by the pro pubco lobby.

WHEN the pubcos do go tits up, as you put it - and they will, because, behind the scenes and press releases, they already are going tits up, brewers WILL be able to hike their prices. AND SO THEY SHOULD!

Take the pubco middle men spivs out of the equation and there is loads of room for brewers to get the margin they deserve for their work - AND to give thousands of individual lessees a MUCH better deal thaqn they are getting now.

Pubcos are constipation in the alimentary canal of the pub trade. They keep all the profit to themselves - driving DOWN margins with brewers who are terrified of losing the massive volume sales they have with pubcos while systematically RAISING the sell on price to their estates, never passing the differential on to their tenants.

Pubcos going tits up will be a massive thumbs up for everyone else.

Have a great Galstonbury, may the rains not come and may your enjoyment be huge.

You deserve it!

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