Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Enterprise hosts lose pub in court battle

info man, as you know, Lucy Cavendish has an odd problem with anyone else who's actually DONE something constructive for the drive to make conditions for tied pub lessees' fairer.

She, aka Sylvia, along with Chris Roberts, aka Colin Matlock and about ten other aliases, occupy a strange virtual netherworld of undercover internet activity, never owning up to who they are, always alluding to their being plugged in at the highest level in the pub sphere, while constantly nay saying others who have the nerve to actually act rather than belch tepid air.

Chris Roberts has a juvenile line in sending silly and abusive, and sometimes deeply offensive, messages to members of the Fairt Pint Steering group, as a back up to his dull activity on this and the Publican forum.

So, when David Morgan alludes to work that's been done in the background by Fair Pint, 'Lucy Cavendish' cannot resist a dig by implying that she knows more and there's no surprise. 'Common knowledge' has been used before to suggest that Fair Pint somehow trails behind these two lost souls' endeavours to get even for hurt suffered at the hands of Enterprise... I'm just speculating of course.

By the way Colin Matlock and Chris Roberts send me private messages and emails talling me that I am mentally deranged, a liar, an embezzler and that I keep snorting too much marching powder, I'm paraphrasing because I can't remember the exact term but it's cocaine he means.

It's really sad that the tied pub experience makes some people go so far off the rails that they end up attacking people who, basically, are prepared to work hard to improve conditions for everyone in the tied sector as well as themselves.

By the way info man, really good to see you at the Sheffield meet.

Shame Lucy/Sylvia/Chris/Colin couldn't make the effort for the cause.

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