Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We get attacked on all sides over the tie

I find this hard to believe. I complimented Steve and got diluted. The post was along these lines:

Steve. Thanks for coming back with some answers, although not a lot of detail. Congratulations that you're doing so well and are happy with your tie situation, particularly well done with your 30% over budget on the new place. It's great that it's working for you. Shame you're in a tiny minority of people overtrading their outlets but all power to your elbow that you got a rent increase you're happy with. I just wish the pubcos could get it together to ensure that the majority were as satisfied as you. But then they could not afford to do that because they'd go down the pan 'supporting' everyone with sustainable rents and beer prices - their return wouldn't allow them to repay their massive debts.

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