Tuesday, May 12, 2009

If the tie goes, regionals suffer

* By Roger Protz
* 08/05/2009 14:09

On the contrary Edward; it is YOU who is confirming by your bleak stubbornness just how weak YOUR position is... I'd recommend you not to go there (although it's a bit after your horse has bolted) because irony is not your strength, your rhetoric is transparent and your 'arguments' are based, as you put it, on your own prejudices and narrow agenda to sustain what is rapidly becoming a comprehensively discredited status quo: the tied pub sector.

A declaration of self interest on your part would be revealing because no one could conceivably put forward the fluff you're coming out with unless you are one or more of the following:

1) an employee of a pubco
2) employed in an associated profession, perhaps with a RICS qualification
3) having your trousers filled with the pubco pound
4) clinically delusional

You're suggesting that I'm backed into a corner or that I have no sound basis from which I can conduct informed debate. Well Edward reflect on this:

Fair Pint, including me, put out information and positions about the factual behaviour and activity of pubcos which is then thoroughly researched and inspected in the smallest detail by lawyers, cleared and substantially reported in the mainstream press in media ranging from the Financial Times and Despatches to The Sun and Daily Express.

If you think these arguments are based on shaky ground and you believe I am concerned about weaknesses in Fair Pint's position then why not write to FT and the broadsheets with your indignation and see if you get any of the rubbish you're promoting published there?

Good luck. I wish you well in your doomed mission.

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