Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Steve Haslam blog: What the pubco report will mean

It's all a done deal. Steve's in a time warp sidling up to a pubco believing it's all good for him. For Steve, this may well be the perfect moment - tied, over trading, business building, lots of cash flow - pubco receptive - show him second site; put a few sweeteners in place 'we want to work together, we love operators like you, how many sites do you want?'. Good for Steve good for pubco. Pubco desperate for good news. Steve complies. Happy Days. While the real world is slowly moving on. Looking forward to reading the BEC report tomorrow.

Wonder whether Steve's point of view has prevailed through the scrutiny of objective (if moronic) elected representatives from all main political parties. My feeling is they will have acquired a 'feel' for the subject and see people like Steve as exceptions to the true rule of the tie.

Tomorrow is another day.

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