Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Diary special: Pubco Report

Many thanks to those who have offered encouragement and support to the Fair Pint Campaign; it is much appreciated. Sadly the fact is this situation is dreadfully long overdue and, really, we desperately needed this in 2004. That said: WHOOPEE!

We must sdmire the Select Committee for listening well and understanding that representations from licensees was than just a bunch of disgruntled but 'noisy' tied licensees with a misrepresentative axe to grind standing against behemoth pubcos who have only the best interests of their customers - and the consumer - at heart.

Commissioning an independent survey was the masterstroke that laid the foundation for this unassailably detailed, damningly unambiguous report about pubco behaviour. Without the survey imagine the reaction of the most vocal pubco CEO's: BERR misled by the guerilla tactics of a few irresponsible whining licensees blaming pubcos for their ills when they can't run their own businesses successfully.

The true litmus test of pubcos is that the results of a thousand anonymous respondents' survey mirrored potentially slanted evidence already recieved by the Committee and exposed the tied pub industry for what it really has been: tucked up like a kipper by self serving pubcos.

Although a significant watershed, there is much more to be done.

HOW is it that responsible CEO's of major blue chip companies have such a poor understanding of the business they preside over?

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