Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Enterprise Inns rejects BEC conclusions

Mr Tuppen is confident that black is white, up is down and that beer runs up hill. Canute comes to mind.

To all tied lessees: Do follow other people's encouragement to take part in the Fair Pint Lobby Day next Wednesday. Now is THE time to get your message over to YOUR MP. You have nothing to lose, you're NOT going to be targeted by your pubco for standing up for a fair deal for your business.

It's not easy to take a day off work, taking the train to London is not cheap. But this is one instance where investing one day and a modest amount of money will really be worth it! Come on! Come and see the sights and spend some time at the seat of government and, for once, see democracy work for YOU!

Sign up to the Lobby Day here:

If you have any questions call Fair Pint in total confidence on 020 7222 3533 or email us

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