Friday, May 22, 2009

Mulholland: pubcos are morally bankrupt

@"George Benson": "Oh dear, the indoctrination is rampant again I see. What on earth has the NMW got to do with running your own business? I don't see many underweight licensees in my travels, that could of course be because many of the 70 hours they're slaving away at are spent the wrong side of the bar swilling their profits down their throats.

I might be wrong but looking at the Fairpint photos, everyone seems 'very well fed'.

George Besnon, you are a rude, low down and dirty mocker of othere people's misfortune, and you have NO idea. Get constructive instead of sniping at honourable hard working people who make more effort in their lives than you evidently want, or are capable of doing, for yourself.

I'm sick of moronic mean spirited postings from anonymous posters constantly sniping at people making legitimate and thoughtful contributions to this forum and the industry it represents.

The people who use this form of exchange do it solely to prevent progress of reasoned discussion and debate. They are not interested in the future of this industry, they evidently seek only to maintain a highly imbalanced and inquitous status quo by disrupting intelligent exchange with childish attacks designed to divert from serious issues.

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