Friday, May 22, 2009

pubcos are morally bankrupt

@ 'Lucy Cavendish' go on a trawl of postings here and elsewhere, look through the Fair Pint website, inspect the many articles published where Fair Pint has been quoted and come up with opne piece of evidence to support your derisory statment: "No, no, no," said a Fair Pint spokesman. "It's nothing to do with the economy." You are morally bankrupt to be using positive falsehoods as the CEOs of the pubcos are want to do when justifying their position over the tie.

If you want some credibility here identify yourself, state your personal interest in stifling discussion with your constant juvenile ridicule of everyone who has a broader and deeper understanding of the issues discussed on this forum than you do.

Your position is risible as long as you remain an essentually anonymous, belligerent undercover sniper.

Announce yourself - and ask your crooner buddy George Benson to do the same - and people might take you slightly more seriously before shooting down your thin deceit.

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