Friday, May 22, 2009

Haslam blog: scrapping tie will close pubs

Steve Haslam is, of course, as entitled to post his point of view as BNP or extreme religious fanatics are to promote their brand of politics or faith as far and wide as they can.

The problem with this format being called a blog is that it is presented more as An Article which is given credibility by the very invitation for Steve to air personal views from the priveliged position of being selected to promote a very narrow viewpoint about the pub trade on a national forum.

The medium of a blog generally encourages response and counter repsonse, with potentially the development of healthy debate. To make that happen Steve Haslam needs to come back to his blog more frequently and stand his ground in front of differing points of view.

As it is presented it's more like a contentious little bomb being dropped in a pool of opinion with the ripples spreading out over other people's views without there being a sense that there's any real opportunity of come back.

That being said... much of these issues about the tie are not validated just by opinion being spouting. Points of view need to be backed up with evidence which can be tested and proven and fortunately for most people in the tied sector Steve Haslam's just wrong about a lot of things ouotside the operation of his own clearly very successful business which he should be eternally congratulated on for running so well...

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