Friday, April 24, 2009

Wrong. 'Pressure Group'? We are a bunch of tied licensees who have spent years in the pub business as sole traders and small multiple operators, surveyors and industry experts who have had enough of being abused serially by unscupulous pub owners.

Fair Pint has had traction because what we are saying is factual and provable. The duty issue affects everyone in the pub trade but if you seriously think the government got off the hook because ten people, working voluntarily to point out scandalous reality of what goes on behind the scenes in pubcos and their relations with licensees, beat BBPA with full time employees and the ear of the government you're incredibly naive.

You clearly are dramatically misinformed about the trade you report on and should take time out to do some serious research into your position before you come back to embarrass yourself more with this sort of 'jornalism' which lets your profession down.

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