Monday, April 27, 2009

Reply to post: Haslam: focus on retail standards not pubco debate

Ho Hum. If this sort of thing wasn't so tedious maybe I would be flattered. I was asking Steve Haslam to be a bit transparent with his position. To publish his split, his discounts, his rent, to be more detailed about things like: he's not had his first rent review, that the pubco encouraged him to open a second venue with them, that he's certainly massively over trading his sites and that the pubco has not had a chance to take all his goodwill away yet. How much did he invest of his own money and whether he's seeing a return on that investment or if he's just expecting all the value he's building up in the lease to be where he gets his return from.

I didn't ask if he was asked by Enterprise to contribute a positive slant on their relationship because it's quite clear that that is exactly what happened. I also suggested that if he wants to talk about the detail of this to call me, I seem to remember putting my phone number on the site. I also pointed out that I and others have been open enough to post much of the kind of information suggested before on this forum and that we have nothing to hide. I also sent him a PM along the same lines. Frankly I'm pleased that he's happy with his relationship with them and happy to wish him all the best in the long term. I just hope he doesn't find out the hard way what really is going to happen after the honeymoon.

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