Monday, April 27, 2009

Adam Withrington: Isn't this a Fair Point?

24 April, 2009

The overarching problem with most pubcos (I have heard reliably good reports about Holts) is their behaviour.

GPs aside, even if it were possible to make a living profit out of their wholesale 'discounts' their actions are what condemns them... and they know it.

The debate about the budget is piffle really. But nevertheless good diversionary stuff which helps keep the illusion that there's some kind of balance going on.

The real tragedy of the pubcos is that their actions have stifled rational debate about the pub industry and torn apart the trade from top to bottom. They have divided and conquered for so long there is very little objectivity left. That free traders should have been marginalised in so many of these discussions is another damning aspect of the lie of the land. There is no regulator of this trade, the government is the only possible provider of a route to changing this - no one else is powerful enough to intervene and create a more level playing field and a more stable ground where licensees are not ripped off by an archaic valuation system and a grotesquely outdated supply status quo that simply would not be allowed anywhere outside of the information opaque world of the pub industry.

Politicians have been woefully misinformed and misguided about the pub industry and this has been radically changing recently. The pubcos know it and they have real cause for concern because the once robust gravy train is bumping off the rails into the sidings.

And Mr Roberts, your last post really indicates just how little you know about this trade and proves the arrogance of one quick to accuse others of the same when all they are doing is being open about what's happening to them.

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Best wishes

J Mark Dodds
The Fair Pint Lot

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