Thursday, April 23, 2009

RE: Big Budget Poll '09: have your say

For clarity this post is entirely my views and not meant to represent anything or anyone else's.

This budget's pretty much all that could be expected of a government that's doing repsonsible things - like running a country relatively well.

Pretty much everyone in the UK earning less than £150K a year are going to be a bit better off as a result.

Rich people are saying there will be a brain drain because people earning over £150K will pay 50p per quid in tax for every quid they earn over 150K. Well quit frankly if that makes people who earn that kind of money move abroad then other countries are welcome to them as far as I'm concerned and this country will be better off. See how they like living abroad.

As for the less than a penny on a pint. WELL what can I say? It's a penny on a pint and I knew it was coming over a year ago so it doesn't bother me one bit.

The way the mainstream press have been reporting this budget is incredibly irritating. Just proves how out of control of balance and objectivity journalism has become. Seems like no one can report stuff for what it is. It HAS to be sensationalised, ridiculed, overblown or hyped. It can't just be reported for what it is. I mean look at the caption of Darling atttached to this article: "Darling: body blow to the trade" what ridiculous sensationalism. Body Blow! ONE PENCE A PINT??? Get real MA and get looking into what goes on at rent reviews and report come of that accurately. Help MAKE some changes instead of reporting the status quo all the time.

I heard of an Enterprise lease renewal today: current rent £16K they want uplift to £39K Enterprise will settle on £25K. Anyone outside the trade would see these figures and think they are completely outrageous. People in this trade, like surveyors and pubco penguins will look at it and think: 'so what? That's normal isn't it?' This trade is a joke. "Upward only reviews have never been enforced" What? Who said that?

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