Friday, March 20, 2009

Dear reader you may think I was naive but no one, absolutely NO-ONE, my original surveyor, solicitor, accountant, prospective BDM, sales agent, advisor nor friends, told me that I should get Licence to Alter from the PubCo before spending my life savings and considerably more on the property that I was about to lease. OR that they would rentalise everything – my capital input – my flair – my industry – my experience – the goodwill I had established in my award winning pub - at the first rent review. Where the rent was 32K and they wanted 75K and we settled on 54K after 15 months of ‘negotiations’ which nearly put me out of business… SO “Anything of a structural nature that needed statutory consent of other authorities would be regarded as worthy of needing permission and Licence to Alter” took me back in a flash to the outset of my journey into PubCo deceit. I spent, in fact, over 150K on their premises and none of it, not one single little bit of it was structural. And then they charged me for it. That’s a bit rich isn’t it. In practice it’s quite possible to spend quarter of a million quid, do nothing structural and, technically, not need the consent of the PubCo. Why is this? So they can then rentalise all this stuff they regard as ‘maintenance and repairs’ – simply keeping the building in its original lettable condition and therefore not likely in any way to affect trade.

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