Friday, July 04, 2008

Professional footballers, film, television and rock stars are possibly the only people left who can afford to take on tied pubs and subsidise them to keep them going. What I failed to mention at the head of this piece although I think everyone got it, is that it is a quote verbatim, cut and paste, from a Punch Inns advertisment for taking on their leases. The bit I really like is: "The Ideal Candidate: Quite simply, people from all kinds of backgrounds can carve out a future as successful licensees. YOU DON'T EVEN NEED PREVIOUS PUB EXPERIENCE" and the little throw away about: "THE FREEDOM OF SELF-EMPLOYMENT BACKED UP BY THE SUPPORT OF A MULTI-AWARD WINNING COMPANY". Oooh Aaah. And S Roberts you're right there are few Professionals in this trade. It's a business of Enthusiastic Amateurism as someone once pointed out as I was being introduced to Marco Pierre White.

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