Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Typical of PubCo efficiency.

I got a letter from one PubCo saying "hello we're your new owner" two days before I got one saying "you will soon be getting an introduction from your new owner because we've just sold you to them".

You might think from that example the first letter was in indcation of future efficiency. Not at all. I got a letter from the second PubCo telling me my BDM had moved on and the new one was xxx with his number and everything and he would be getting touch soon etc. And then, when the bailffs were in (I hadn't paid rent because a DD had not been called properly by their head office; and YES gentlechaps of great pedantry I do concede that it's the tenant's responsibilty to make sure rent has been paid) I called the new area manager and he told me he wasn't the new area manager and the old area manager was still the area manager. I left a message on the area manager's 'phone asking if he could tell me why the bailiffs ahd been sent in when I'd never been late on a rent payent in 11 years - and it took him just over a week to get back to me. "Didn't want to disturb you over the bank holiday weekend" he said.

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