Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Last autumn we moved our family from Northern Ireland over to the mainland to take over a pubco pub. We've lost thousands and now we have to sign a permanant lease or get out. I'm thinking we should get out.
There's another pub in the same area that would be ideal for us - the right accomodation, nice catering kitchen, cosy bar, houses within easy walking distance - but it's a race to raise the cash and our money is tied up. As well as this the rent is fairly high (tho half what the pubco want us to pay) at £35K pa + VAT and there's no trading history.
We have 2 excellent chef's and I'm happy enough to have a chat and a laugh out front.
I guess what I'm asking is do we risk another pub or just get out while the going is good? (not that losing several thou is ever good) I know no one but us can decide but I'd love a few opinions and comments to help us think in the right direction.
After years of working and paying tax we have been left with nothing and are having to leave from a london based public house. We have been lied to with empty promises after empty promises and our pubco have always refused to put anything in writing. However there are recordings of conversations. We are inviting every publican/licensee and everyone in the licensed trade who have been affected by pubcos to a last party on the surrender date. We are inviting the local and national press for the final day. It is too late for us to make a big difference but perhaps if only this once the many contributors who add to this forum are prepared to attend it will have made some difference and perhaps deter others who are tempted into buying into a pubco lease. If you would be interested in attending which will be a Monday in the next three weeks please contact and we will send further details.

Ive lost my pub also, taken by the probably the very same people. Just terrible what is happening to so many! Please post details.

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Sorry it's come to this for you and I wish you luck in whatever you choose to do next.

We have a fantastic regional manager who is fighting a loosing battle on our behalf but, to be honest I just don't have any fight left in me to beat this situation.

Let me know when your party is and I make sure I raise a drink to you.

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