Wednesday, February 20, 2008

El Nino again:

RE: MP: High pub rents must be addressed

You Are Not Alone. Join In. Now is the time for everyone reading these posts but not posting to register and make your voice heard. Take part. Just look at how many new people are commenting for the first time. Tell all other people you know in the industry to get here and post too. Everyone reading here resolve to do the following even if it takes one hour every day for ten days. It will work:


As Morning Advertiser is unable to take up such a poll lessees can make their own poll evidence like this:

1) Call / speak to ten publicans in your area whether you know them or not.

2) Tell them who you are, where your pub is and say you’ve been meaning to get in touch for a long time but, you know how it is, there’s never enough hours in the day.

3) Ask them if they are on a tied lease like you are.

4) Ask them which pubco and if they are happy with them. The answer might be NO.

5) Ask them if they are interested in doing something about the situation.

6) Give them the Morning Advertiser website address for this ‘MP high pub rents must be addressed' on THIS thread

7) Tell them to register if they aren’t already and to post their experience and thoughts

8) Give them THIS link so they can easily contact their MP.

9) Tell them to ask their MP to sign the early day motion at THIS address:

10) Tell them to ask their MP to look at this thread on the Morning Advertiser to get a clearer picture of the scale of the problem nationally.

11) Tell them to contact ten other publicans and encourage each of them to do exactly the same.

12) Finally; if they do not have a computer offer to do all this for them. Take notes and information over the telephone. You will need their postcode and a few basic details such as the name and address of the pub etc.

Highlight, copy, paste and save this message into a word document or email browser on your computer so you can easily send it to other people when they want these details…

If only three out of ten people you contact do this it will not take long before most of the country is covered. Go on “you know you are worth it”. With thanks in anticipation of your efforts to help.

El Nino Luminoso

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