Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Facebook isn't fit for purpose.

Facebook isn't fit for purpose. It's a distasteful consumer capitalist hypocritical machine reflection of the worst kind of prudery that can come out of the weird algorithmic mental mindmap of the kind of nerdygeekys who were its founders.

Even posting this makes me wonder if some bot will pick it up and kill my account... basically you can have your account - like ten years or more of accumulated blog basically dissolved for nothing... by being labelled an antisocial nuisance by FB for having what can, actually, be considered pretty conservative and prudent thoughts and merely saying them out loud in normal conversational language.
Got out of Facebook Jail yesterday after 30 days of blindly robotic stupidly forced separation (which actually stopped me launching my dad's Crowdfunder pitch Walking a Hundred Miles for Pubs) because I was picked up on one of Shaun Peacock threads for calling men who send dickpicks to women STUPID. THAT little aside was picked up by the machinery as 'Hate and Inferiority Speech' for singling out and putting a category/class of person down.

My account was already at feverpitch warning because I have previous violations of Fb Community Standards for posting Nudity and Sexual Activity - TWICE - when BOTS picked up a link to YouTube I posted to a music track called Fleur Tropicale by Francis Bebey which has artwork on the album cover of an African woman who is topless/ First time I got a week's ban. Second time I was recounting it and posted a thumbnaol of the FB message telling me about my Community unacceptable Nudity and Sexual Activity Standards, without thinking THAT thumbnail would be picked up as porn - that got me 21 days ban. So the next time the level of alert on my account was so high an innocuous side comment admonishing men's bad behaviour got ME restricted as a danger to the community.

One thing I've been meaning to do is download all my Facebook content which I presume means photos and all the written stuff to an archive folder in case Bots vapourise my Fb world. Can anyone tell me how to do that please?

Last thing for the moment.

If the future ain't green, there ain't no future. I've been saying this for twenty years. Most people ignore it or avoid eye contact.

Meanwhile Facebook allowed fake accounts to send me friend requests, every day of the 30 days in jail, to porn sites and free sex dating sites... EVERY single one of them I report and Facebook comes back to tell me 'we looked into your report and found the account does not go against our Community Standards'...

Jeff Mowatt and Jenny Watkins

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