Friday, May 31, 2019

One more cut hacked into the body of the Beer Tie.

One cut of thousands needed to bring the Bonded Labour of the #GreatBritishPubcoScam to an end.

The Blue Bell pub in Fossgate, York

Tied up: pub landlords battle law that was meant to help them

Good article, link above, by @ByRobDavies at the Guardian, on the #GreatBritishPubcoScam

'British Beer and Pub Association believe the code is working well'

NO SHIT SHERLOCK. That's because The Code is NOT working for tenants, it's working for the Pubcos whose abuse of contract keeps tenants in Bonded Labour. It's all here, in these two paragraphs:

"According to data from the British Beer and Pub Association, there have been 739 MRO applications since the system began three years ago. Only 57 resulted in MRO tenancies. The BBPA, whose members include the six largest pub companies, believe the pubs code is working well."

“While there have been some challenges with parts of the implementation of the code for all involved, the BBPA and the companies covered by the code continue to work closely with the adjudicator and other stakeholders to resolve these,” the chief executive, Brigid Simmonds, said."

Far FEWER than 10% of applications have resulted in a 'Market Rent Only' tenancy and I guarantee (mostly, if not all, will be a tenancy where the lessee is better off than they were before they applied for MRO ie NOW they are being shafted less heavily than before but they are still being shafted) most of these sub 10% will have been conceded early by tenants worried about facing more months of attrition with nothing being done while the pubcos push unreasonable threatening demands and Newby cooperatively strings the time-table along, saying the code is unworkable.

Every week a tenant doesn't have MRO is another week they are losing money for being penalised by the abuse of contract they signed in good faith that they were working with a business partner.

The issues that need to be examined (but which as ever in sleepy pubco Mafia land won't be) are:

WHY Newby sits on a code that's unworkable instead of reforming it. (It's unworkable because he chooses to ensure it is)

WHY has Newby not used ANY of the Adjudicator's powers to recommend rewording of the Code via the Minister of State?

WHY has Newby not used any of the Adjudicator's power to call any pubcos to account when they are all in breach of the Code?

WHY has Newby not used the Adjudicator's power to fine the pubcos up to 1% of annual turnover for breach of Code?

Q: WHY was Newby ever appointed?

Given that all that has happened in the last three years, while Newby's been on £130K a year with his knees stuffed firmly under his pubco paid for desk, doing nothing to promote the sustainability of the British Pub Sector, was entirely predictable.

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