Saturday, April 30, 2016

Lazy Profiteering Capitalism Does the #GreatBritishPubcoScam Rounds

'Independent' pharmacist's letter edited by Boots senior execs

My mate Ed Gillespie posted a link to the above story on his Facebook... And his comment:

"Shameless and shameful. Do not give Boots your custom...this is simply venal, just what you'd expect from their owners KKR" -

This shitty example of complacent corporate cuntery resonates so clearly with my experience of the routine behaviour of tied pub sector 'executives' that it fired up my response:

Have no doubt about it. These behaviours are absolutely everywhere, endemic in our global consumer supply chain. That they only get exposed by mistake like this is the evidence. It's a tip of the iceberg whoever it is and whenever it crops up.  This kind of awful thing is pretty much endemic in bigger and big and giga business, everywhere on the planet.

Volkswagen get their pants pulled down over emissions? It's a sign of them all at it... Other car manufacturers fiddling emissions data? Guaranteed.  A few months later? Mazda gets rumbled.

Sepp Blatter? They're all up to backhanders and back room deals. Guaranteed.

Strauss-Kahn? It's a prick in a vein running through top end male diplomatic circles. Guaranteed.

One national utility ripping customers off? They're all doing it. Guaranteed.

The people who aren't party to the party? The honest, forthright, upstanding ones, the people who are prepared to stand on principles and expose corruption wherever it lurks? They don't get invited to the party. Guaranteed.

ExxonMobil covered up their clear knowledge that the fossil fuel industry is triggering runaway climate change since the 'seventies? They've all colluded in the cover up. Guaranteed.

One pub company exposed abusing tied tenant publican's rights to asset strip them and effectively trap them into indentured servitude? The low cost entry to bonded labour? They're all at it, everywhere, from top to bottom and getting away with it,with collusion by government and most of the organisations in the supply chain and 'independent' management of the entire tied pub sector hegemony ... Guaranteed.

This is the top end of the insane corruption and filth that world commerce and production is greased with and we're swimming in it, we're all in it together.

And it's incumbent upon everyone who's not directly swept up in the mess: WE HAVE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

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