Sunday, August 16, 2015

On the Guardian on Corbyn

On the Guardian on Corbyn

Their stance really pisses me off but to be fair The Guardian is treading a very radical path compared to any other papers in as much as they're seriously working on being financially independent of external corporate influence and generating all their income from newspaper and online content that's so appealing that people will pay for it. It's a tall order and from what I've seen they're taking it very seriously. When they set out to do this a couple of years ago figures were published which made it clear this is a huge financial risk. They set up Keep it in the Ground - Fossil Fuels that is - and the Guardian Social Enterprise network runs events that are really impressive with seminars and workshops for environmental impact awareness raising and all sorts of other forward thinking stuff that would be considered very radical only a few years ago...

all of this means they're bound to tread with caution on political backing for fear of losing readers, advertisers and income. They can't afford to look too radical and out there in case people don't buy it.

We are all gripped by the prevailing paradigm, one way or another, and until the tide has really, definitely, certainly turned, there's bound to be a lot, like millions and millions of people who are not going to become adopters until they're confident everyone else is coming along for the ride. Etcetera.

That ride will see people like the arrogant and self important Alistair Heath left on a leaky lilo pumped up with their own odorous free marketeering gas

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