Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Great British Pubco SCAM explained in a piece of pie

The Great British Pubco SCAM explained in a piece of pie:

On a £4 pint at 3.75% profit a tied publican has to sell over 45 pints an hour to make minimum wage.

The reason that thousands of pubs are run down and dilapidated is simply because of this fact. They've been asset stripped over the last quarter century and chronic lack of investment leaves them not fit for purpose, 'proven to be economically unviable' and targeted to be suitable for conversion to alternative use by the pubco freeholders.

Bottom line in the scandal is: There's NO surplus profit left for the tenant to reinvest in 'their' business (the pub owned by pubco bondholders they are tied into through a usurious, onerous contract (lease) which amounts to nothing less (without irony) than legally sanctioned modern bonded labour.


  1. Is the VAT on a pint really half or less than the duty? If so what are your base figures? If not, what faith can we have in the proportionality of the other pie slices?

  2. You can have faith in our own scepticism until you're blue in your face. It doesn't alter the fact that pubco's are sociopathic asset stripping fly by night profiteers cashing in Britain's cultural assets at the expense of communities, traditions and our very sense of place.

  3. Just spotted your reply. As always you avoid the specific question on the accuracy or otherwise of the figures!

  4. The data source is fine. The analysis is accurate

  5. Apologies for the delayed response on this - I've been "off the grid" for a while.

    The data source is not fine and the analysis is inaccurate.

    The one fixed point in any analysis of a retail beer price is VAT which at the current rate accounts for one sixth or 60 degrees of a pie chart.

    Your chart allocates substantially less than this - by eye less than 45 degrees.

    If the VAT slice is too small then one or more of the other slices is/are too large.

    1. You're pathetic. It can't be a hobby to be so rubbish. Who's paying you?

  6. As you've entered name calling and conspiracy theory mode I take it that you have no mathematical counter to my demonstration of the inaccuracy of your chart.

    No one pays me to write this, but even if they did it would make no difference to the fact that VAT accounts for one sixth of the retail price; your flawed chart does not reflect this.

    As a seeker of truth and honesty in others why don't you just admit that in this case (one of the few in which your claims are easily checkable) you've just got it wrong - there's no disgrace in that.

    1. Listen. I'm a bloody publican. All the people who stand in my side of the pub sector are publicans. We've all had to learn how to be campaigners. Not one of use wants to be doing this interminable life sapping never ending battling against the poisonous rotten reality of a lying conniving bullying asset stripping pubco hegemony.

      We know what's going on. We're not making any of it up. We've been doing this for YEARS we're committed to people, pubs, places not to shareholders and multi millions earning boards of directors.

      We don't earn anything. We don't have anything financial personally to gain by this. We're honest. We're forthright. We're determined to try to make a difference because we ate concerned about the terrible loss of pubs and the permanent damage this is causing to society.

      This damage is obvious to everyone, to all bystanders. It's everywhere, it's unnecessary and it's preventable.

      Why are you, apart from the paid for people like the BBPA, the sole banner waver for the benefits of asset stripping Britain's unique social traditions, cultural heritage and sense of place?

      Why do you do this?

      What's going on with your world.