Friday, June 26, 2015

Officials halt plans to turn Elephant and Castle pub into a branch of Foxtons

Evening Standard Headline

Same story in Estate Agent Today: Foxtons frustrated by latest twist in pub-office saga 

The last thing the immediate vicinity needs is a Foxton's. The Elephant and Castle has enormous potential as ... A PUB! It is in a fantastic, high footfall location. People dismissing the pub as a bad place that deserves change of use because of past problems are just plain wrong.  There's nothing wrong with the area and the potential customer base at all but the pub has been poorly managed for years. Poor pub management leads to poor behaviour among customers and the kind of history this venue has seen.  The pub itself is genuinely iconic because of its remarkable heritage and as a modern building could easily be made to be an iconic example of its own architectural style. It's a marvellous opportunity to prove that well run pubs, properly invested with good products and service have vibrant, financially sustainable futures ahead of them.

Here's my bit on the Elephant and Castle pub from a week or so ago

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