Saturday, May 09, 2015

DWP releases document on cuts to disabled work access scheme hours after election result

Completely predictable report in the Independent of DWP's immediate intentions to slash and burn payments to disabled people by the million.

In support of this a friend, who's a Conservative voter, pointed out:

"But sometimes the system is played badly, by people pulling the wool over the eyes of the authorities... I don't agree with everything they say (the Tories)" ... "We all have different opinions... freedom of choice... and I am not going to fall out with anyone over my personal vote. But people play the system and get away with it... and people who really need help, have to beg and sometimes get nowt!!x "

My response:

The problem lies with the fact that everyone who's physically or mentally disabled, in a bad place because life has brought that to them is characterised by the lowest common denominator: the assumption which is they are all taking the piss.

Some people most definitely do take the piss, but that's not many compared to the millions who are decent people being persecuted who certainly do not have any freedom of choice.

Freedom of choice is illusory anyway. By far the majority of people in the UK aspired to a government that's not Tory but we still get Tory. The same applied when Blair was elected. Blair promised before his election that if Labour were voted in he would invite other parties to be involved in government. The majority he got was so great he decided not to do that. That was the biggest mistake for democracy in the history of modern politics. Power made him dismiss the promise of creating a far better, inclusive, cooperative way of operating politics. Irrational one size fits all Political dogma is what screws society. Society is a complex, nuanced and hugely intricate beast. There are no simple solutions that come out of soundbites. It starts with education and no government has had the nerve to tackle the deep problems of society that begin at birth and run through our childhoods because people, adults, don't respect the people we were when we were being underserved by society when we were children. Most of us got a pretty rotten education that did nothing much more than train us how to work on production line or behind a counter. Education needs to teach people to understand the world around us and our relationship to it, and to each other, and the responsibilities that go hand in hand with the fact that life is not a soundbite from a Persil ad

Anyway no one in power is going to listen to anyone who's got practical solutions for changing society for the better.  That's not what they're in power for. They're in power to make sure that the people and corporations who own everything are protected from harm and have their rights to do whatever they want in order to secure the legitimacy of their wealth and power enhanced.  The tail must wag the dog. Forever.  That's the way the power elites have always had it and that's the way it will remain as long as politicians buy into it and sustain it.

I have voted Green, and known that I was 'throwing away my vote', in the last three elections because no mainstream parties are providing the policy and strategy that People, and the Planet, need. The Greens are the only credible party as far as I'm concerned, even though they are characterised by unhelpful mainstream voters who clearly know everything about our ecosystem and the global economy as 'loony lefties' and they have no hope of winning seats or power. My vote is a tiny indication to the local Labour party who always get in no matter what is happening elsewhere, that there are views that are not toeing Capitalism's line. 

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