Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Pub models

"Pubcos may have been guilty of some poor historic practices, but much had already been done to remedy any imbalances."

Pubcos were guilty, they ARE guilty and as long as the tie exists they will continue to asset strip Britain's heritage, traditions and very sense of place in serial acts of abuse of publicans and the pubs and places they serve in what amounts to nothing less than a corporate cultural crimewave of historic proportions.

People don't go to pubs when they've been made irrelevant to contemporary expectations and ridiculously expensive through these errant companies appalling business practices. The pubco's have no shame and the proof is in the thousands of run down, dilapidated and abandoned pubs littering the UK landscape due to criminal neglect through a quarter century of chronic under-investment by accountants and solicitors driving pubcos by remote control off spreadsheets

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