Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I've Been Saying Keep It In The Ground For More Than A Decade

See the Guardian Keep It In The Ground

Maybe I haven't been shouting loud enough. Maybe I'm too polite. 

I've been touting the proposition for a crowd funded fossil fuel free pub company for over ten years ... it will prove that paradigms can change and we can run business and the planet sustainably without horsehair shirts... It's come close to getting funding several times but never quite got there. When you need to change a paradigm there's a lot of resistance.

Pubs. Pah. Who cares about pubs? They're closing everywhere. So I got involved in setting up a campaign to lobby government to regulate the way massive pubco's are asset stripping OUR pubs and along with them destroying British traditions, heritage and culture, our very way of life and Sense of Place. That's turning into legislation now - the Lords are having their final reading of the legislation before the end of March 2015.

It'll help pubs a bit and some communities won't lose their pubs to be turned into Tesco or Coop Local Stores but it won't stop the world warming.

The People's Pub Partnership will though. All the figures stack up. There's no rocket science about it. Just no one before has been thoughtful enough to consider that it's possible to make pubs run without any fossil fuel dependency...

To The Guardian and its readers: get behind the project - help crowd fund this ground breaking proposition now!


  1. You are a beery pub reform hero! :-)

  2. Well done Mark. We need this. Cheers to you.

  3. Another year goes by and still the same things persist.

  4. Another year goes by and still the same things persist.