Sunday, February 22, 2015

THE problem IS the Tie. The Beer Tie has Killed the Pub Sector

THE problem IS the Tie.

As long as the Tie exists the Tie WILL BE ABUSED.  Endemic abuse of the tie underlies every problem in the pub sector.

The English obsession with maintenance of the Status Quo, ironically partly because of deep seated fear about losing our cherished heritage and tradition has paradoxically protected the pub sector from the direct impact of external market forces and left a largely moribund, stagnant playground for private equity corporate entities to asset strip from at will, unsupervised.

This has meant there has been a stifling of innovation and evolution in the tied pub sector and meant the 'free of tie sector' (no sector is 'free' of the pernicious, pervasive influence of the 'Tie') has lagged in innovative practice too - without any true competition - and this has created the declining market we've all fallen into like a sink hole opening beneath us.

"Abuse" of the tie (its very existence) has forced the Tied Pub Sector into eating itself as the only means of the short term survival of the only entities that profit from it; Private Equity driven Corporations that have profit, not pubs, people or places, as their sole point of purpose.

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